Want to work with others to build a climate-safe future for all? You’ve come to the right place!


Welcome to the Resilient Central Coast Team.

Congratulations! Just by arriving you’ve taken an important step towards creating positive local impact and deepening your community connections.

Santa Cruz County is one of the most beautiful places on earth and home to diverse communities of hardworking, caring people. Santa Cruz County also leads the state and the nation in environmental action. By joining Resilient Santa Cruz County, you will be maintaining that legacy of leadership, making our region a model for the nation, and creating a climate safe future for generations to come.

With 40% of U.S. emissions coming from our home energy use, personal transportation, and what we throw away, we as citizens have the power to make a big difference in reversing climate change impacts. Through countless acts completed by individuals, families, and businesses, we have already decreased local greenhouse gas emissions and increased connections with each other. Many of these actions save money and contribute to our local economy.  Knowing we can do more together, we invite you to join Resilient Santa Cruz County. We’re part of a six-county effort to support 500,000 Central Coast residents to take actions that will collectively reduce 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2030. That’s about the same amount of carbon sequestered by a forest the size of Santa Cruz County over 3 years!

Join us and take action at home or with a team of friends and neighbors. Meet over potlucks and in parks to prepare your neighborhood for climate change impacts and create a just, thriving and climate-safe Santa Cruz for all. Every action, big or small, makes a big difference for the generations to come.

Take Heart. Take Part. Take Action.

Kirsten Liske

Vice President Community Programs, Ecology Action